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at least there's two of us...

phew ... !

I wanted to just say my last words before this EP comes out and let everyone know how proud and excited we are about what is ahead. It is going to feel incredible to move onto creating new music as well.

There have been many moments where I have thought about calling it quits, cried about it and pounded the floor with anger and embarrassment. It was because of this I really had no way of accomplishing this CD I dreamed of by myself. B said to me once, "I promise to help you finish this, your CD will get done." And let me tell you, he did more than just finish it.

He spent countless hours in our tiny basement thinking of arrangements and instrumentation for my songs.

He calmed me down every time I had a slight meltdown over the stretched time frame of recording a CD.

He made me focus on us and myself, separating from others that have different paths to success and cannot be compared to our path.

He made sure he understood my lyrics and the stories and interpreted them flawlessly into something better than I ever dreamed of.

So THANK YOU honey. You deserve the world and far more.

We both did struggle, I want to make that clear because I am all about realism (maybe thats just the Finnish in me, and thank you mom).
And you guys. ... marriage is hard, but we love each other and love creating music together. It's a lot of togetherness but in the end I wouldn't have it any other way. We learned so much, and want to continue learning but next time around we will officially be a band, no more going solo for this lady.

I like to think about the future and how we'll tie in music with it; our kids help with recording of course, we'll own a cute little house with a basement designated for music and still be deep artsy people at heart making music for those few fans that still support us though we don't follow the norm.

That right there, would be more than enough for me.

I hope you enjoy the little songs we've thrown out into the vast web of internet and share the ones you love and even the ones you don't love because you just like me and B :)

Here's a shout out to our heroes as well, Mates of State:
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