Making A Home

We had a chance to experience our first fire in our fireplace, FIRST EVER in this home. It was B's idea. It was perfect, something magical about having a crackling fire and feeling the heat radiating on your skin just makes life all good while the record player plays some tunes. Thats' what I hope for this upcoming year, for more moments like that when life is standing still and all you can do is smile.

I'm also going to conquer these few things in my life this year-

FIRST a master inventory of all our pantry and fridge contents so we save a few dollars when we shop for groceries. That also includes planning out meals for each month, though it is depressing when sometimes I'd just like a burger from In-n-Out.

SECOND we have created a plan to sell some more CD's and hopefully make it out of Utah as well for a few gigs. Please tell us where you are at, so we know what states you live in and where to plan this mini tour. When we visit Finland, we will definitely be playing a gig or two there as well.

THIRD set a side time to write music and create. I've been jotting down some ideas for businesses I'd like to be a part of or build up from scratch other than the band with B. It's mainly for the joy of creating and also because I cannot seem to find certain items for a reasonable price. Customer service seems to be my day job calling but so far it has not quiet filled the void for feeling accomplished with my little life.

FOURTH go on more adventures. There are 52 weekends in a year, so that could potentially mean 50 short trips locally and to nearby states. Sometimes I get caught up in the long term money goals and cut out all the spontaneous fun each month. Me and B have racked up some impressive air mile points as well which means more free trips! Realistically though, I will go on at least 1 adventure a month this year.

2015 here i come.